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Graphics by Irony
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This is a solo community for my graphics. For a while, I've wanted to share my icons, banners etc. but have spent a lot of time working on improving enough to do so. I'm still learning, but I think now is a good time to start spreading them. I encourage feedback for my work, as whilst I'm happy for people to use what I make, it's nice to know what people think as well.

I have a very wide range of interests and fandoms, and make icons for most of them. For the sort of fandoms you can expect to see here, consult the Interests.

I firmly believe in crediting people for their work, including resources. Here is the entry where I will list all my resources. If you see something that looks like yours and I haven't credited you (sometimes I mix up who made what, or things get deleted) please let me know and I will add you to the list.


Always credit. Either ironic_sun or insomnielle
☆ Critique for my work (should you offer it) should be constructive.
☆ Do not steal my graphics.
☆ Comments are not mandatory, but encouraged.
☆ Do not hotlink.
☆ Do not change/edit my graphics unless I give permission.


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